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The process model shows how an organization's people, data, resources, and systems work together to create value for customers. Processes that are accepted by management and employees are a critical success factor. It is essential that processes are easily understood at different levels of detail.


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The basis for a successfully lived process orientation is a company documentation in which all employees can find the regulations relevant for them and the connections between the individual activities can be read. Following this objective, the processes of the process model represent the central module in the modular system of N5-Solutions.

Define how your company works via sub-processes, applicable documents and descriptions.

From the integrated organization chart you select the strategically and operationally responsible departments of a process.

what? with what?
Interactions between processes are documented and made visible by linking clearly defined inputs and outputs.

after what?
Target key figures and requirements of your relevant catalogs mark the guard rails of process execution.

Because Everything is Connected with Everything

No aspect of your business exists in isolation. Any change in one part of the system inevitably affects other elements. To maintain an effective management system, all elements must be carefully coordinated and aligned. With N5-Solutions, you ensure that the system as a whole functions optimally and that everyone has the necessary perspective.

Name and structure activities

The process model is the hierarchical framework of activities in which your business is clearly mapped. From the coarse to the fine, processes are structured top-down. From the main process at the top process level down to the flowchart as the most elementary process description, there are no limits for you.

Regulate responsibility in the process

Clarification of strategic and operational responsibilities per activity is done by selecting the appropriate organizational unit of your company. The organizational structure is an integral part of N5-Solutions. Figuratively speaking, the organizational chart is pushed into the process landscape.

Identify and document interactions

In the process model, you explicitly define inputs and outputs for each activity and link them to the appropriate predecessors (supplier processes) or successors (customer processes). By defining the interactions between activities in this way, your management system documentation becomes a process landscape.

Name requirements for the process

Normative, legal or customer-specific requirements are managed as catalogs in N5 Solutions. Key figures are structured in scorecards. The specific requirements and goals are anchored in the individual processes and thus define the guard rails of your integrated management system.

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Designed to help you shape and enjoy the development of your business

N5-Solutions - Overview

So that you can enjoy the development of your company. The toolbox for documentation, application, analysis and improvement of your management system.

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Manage your documented information. Whether as a file attachment or hyperlink, they are an integral part of your process model.

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Organization & People

Employees and their functions in the organization chart are the key to clear regulations of process responsibilities and personal recommendations of content.

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Analyses & Measures

All potentials from system and process audits, inspections, risk analyses, maturity checks, etc. result in a clear management of measures.

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Process-oriented method

Learn what "turtles", the "Highlander" and the "Swabian sweeper week" have to do with process-oriented management systems.

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