Application / Global integrated harmony

Harmonized regulation and not just doing the same thing everywhere

On the one hand, you don't want to reinvent the wheel! On the other hand, you have to take into account local influences, different market-specific expectations, and many other requirements of the corporate world? To help you find the balance between corporate requirements and local freedoms, we have some proven solutions for you.


Our 5 Success Factors for a Globally Harmonized Integrated Management System

This is how you get your Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle going, even if your organization is a bit larger and your requirements are a bit more extensive. With N5-Solutions, you get a well-thought-out concept, a well-proven approach and well-tested functions. In other words, a globally deployable software solution for a...

  • Web-based digital management system without access barriers,
  • Multilingual management system with no language barriers,
  • Centralized management system without redundancies,
  • Decentrally maintained and developed management system without irrelevant content,
  • Integrated management system of all relevant standards, laws, customer requirements and other specifications without compliance gaps.

Leverage your distributed skills and knowledge across your organization. You reduce your liability risks worldwide and improve the performance of your process-oriented management system.

Understand in over 20 languages

N5-Solutions are multilingual. Publish the content of your management system in all languages relevant to your organization.

Harmonize globally - adapt locally

By dividing the process model into subordinate process landscapes, business units and/or locations can be controlled in a balanced 'glocal' manner.

Integrate all requirement catalogs

Manage as many standards, regulations, and other requirements as you need. Your process model will easily and demonstrably meet all requirements.

Manage internal supply chains

Cross-location exchange relationships can be mapped as input-output chains. The remote boundaries between suppliers and customers are clearly identifiable.

AI-supported translation

By integrating the DeepL wizard, you translate your content at the touch of a button. Fast, DSGVO compliant and in impressive quality.

Pass through

You can predefine default processes for subordinate process landscapes and allow local customizations and additions to any degree.

Manage improvements globally

From centralized audit program planning to global monitoring and cross-site benchmarking, everything is possible.

Work worldwide web-based

With our 100% web technology and integration into your system environment, there is no barrier to the accessibility of the management system.

More digital management system

Suitable for all employees, tasks, requirements, company sizes, languages, industries and budgets

Complete toolbox

Everything inside that you need to plan, apply, analyze and improve your management system.

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Web-based application

Whether hosted on-premises or in the cloud, all you need is a browser and N5-solutions are reliably at your fingertips.

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5x depth effect

More system, method, activity, digital transformation and acceptance for your management system.

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Affordable price models

We believe your digital management system should cost no more than a cappuccino per employee per month.

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All from one source! Designed, developed and supported in Germany - since 2001

Web-based software

Choose the stylish and highly available solution. Thanks to 100% web-based and responsive design, N5 solutions look good everywhere. On any device, in any browser and in more than 20 languages.

Developed in Stuttgart, Germany - operated at your site or in our PDCA-360 cloud.


Process-oriented method

Learn what "turtles", the "Highlander" and the "Swabian sweeper week" have to do with process-oriented management systems.

Discover how processes, documents, organizational units, people, functions, audits, measures and much more are connected. Experience the N5-Solutions with the 5-fold depth effect for more

system, method, perspective, activity and acceptance.

Integrated management system

Arm yourself against the flood of requirements and benefit from the experience of our QM-Unity.

QM, UM, AS, GoB, IS and and and - with the N5-Solutions you can harmonize everything in no time.
Whether large or small. Whether local or global.

We are convinced that we have the right solution for you. Also in terms of price. Give it a try!