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Simply do not leave any potential undiscovered

You want to continuously improve the performance of your organization! To achieve sustainable improvement, potential must be identified and evaluated. Whether through structured audits, inspections and risk analyses, or more situationally through a company suggestion scheme: No weakness or risk should remain undetected. Identified deviations and recommendations trigger the management of measures that are implemented promptly and effectively.


Now your PDCA cycle of continuous improvement has come full circle!

So, what is your current situation? Do auditors still e-mail lists of findings and actions to audit participants? Are ideas from team discussions sometimes left unprocessed in "drawers"? Are improvement potentials and opportunities not always used consistently?

How about a central analysis and action tool integrated into your management system? One tool for nearly all analysis processes! Self-explanatory and highly available for all participants in any situation!

PLAN - DO - CHECK - ACT! In one application! In one system!

Easily plan your audits based on the process model and its catalogs of requirements, departments, KPIs, and more.

Schedules, people selection, receivables catalog coverage, departments, topics. You always have an overview of all aspects.

across sites
Coordinate audit program planning across all locations in your organization. Whether it is a global or local audit program, get planning status with the click of a button.

Use all requirement catalogs that are relevant to you. Take advantage of the ability to create combination catalogs. There are no limits to the ways you can use them.

Detect, regulate and improve

From planning your audit program to monitoring the implementation of actions, the Analyses & Measures module supports everyone involved. Whether system or process audits, inspections, risk analyses, etc. ... The consistent link to your process model provides an overview.

Planning of the audit program

Audit program planning can be done locally or across multiple sites. As the program planner, you select the organizational units and their processes. The requirements of the relevant catalogs are linked to the processes. At a glance, you can see who is responsible for processes and implementation.

Documentation of the audits

During the execution phase, you record and evaluate your findings and create evaluations and the audit report. Evaluation schemes can be maintained centrally in the system. Documentation of findings can be attached to the findings in any file format.

Management of the measures

In the event of deviations, root causes and corrective actions are defined. Both administrators and action owners benefit from escalation management and due date overviews. The notification system sends status messages and reminds in case of delays. Everything at a glance for consistent continuous improvement in your company.


There are many methods for analyzing the performance of a company. With the analysis module you have a universally applicable tool at hand, with which you can also document risk analyses, inspections and audits, among other things. The measures module itself can also be used independently of the analysis module.

Even more from the toolbox of the N5-Solutions

Designed to help you shape and enjoy the development of your business

N5-Solutions - Overview

So that you can enjoy the development of your company. The toolbox for documentation, application, analysis and improvement of your management system.

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In a combination of process configurator and graphical modeling tool you create your process model from rough to fine.

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Manage your documented information. Whether as a file attachment or hyperlink, they are an integral part of your process model.

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Organization & People

Employees and their functions in the organization chart are the key to clear regulations of process responsibilities and personal recommendations of content.

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Web-based software

Choose the stylish and highly available solution. Thanks to 100% web-based and responsive design, N5 solutions look good everywhere. On any device, in any browser and in more than 20 languages.

Developed in Stuttgart, Germany - operated at your site or in our PDCA-360 cloud.


Process-oriented method

Learn what "turtles", the "Highlander" and the "Swabian sweeper week" have to do with process-oriented management systems.

Discover how processes, documents, organizational units, people, functions, audits, measures and much more are connected. Experience the N5-Solutions with the 5-fold depth effect for more

system, method, perspective, activity and acceptance.

Integrated management system

Arm yourself against the flood of requirements and benefit from the experience of our QM-Unity.

QM, UM, AS, GoB, IS and and and - with the N5-Solutions you can harmonize everything in no time.
Whether large or small. Whether local or global.

We are convinced that we have the right solution for you. Also in terms of price. Give it a try!