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Making Digital Transformation easy

With our expertise, you are ready for the much-vaunted digital transformation. After all, your management system is about more than just hanging documents in the cloud.


The ultimate toolbox for documenting, applying, analyzing and improving your management system

With N5-Solutions, you get a web-based application that combines the features of a content management system, a configurator and classic flowchart functions, as well as modules for managing relevant documents, functions in the organizational chart, analyses and measures. The PDCA cycle of continuous improvement comes full circle.

All the tools you need to document, analyze and improve management systems are integrated into N5-Solutions.

The modules of N5-Solutions are complementary and allow a step-by-step implementation.

The application is used in almost all industries and company sizes for management systems of any kind.

The N5-Solutions is a standard software. Without customizing you have all possibilities for individual system administration.

More digital management system

Suitable for all employees, tasks, requirements, company sizes, languages, industries and budgets

Web-based application

Whether hosted on-premises or in the cloud, all you need is a browser and N5-solutions are reliably at your fingertips.

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5x depth effect

More system, method, activity, digital transformation and acceptance for your management system.

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Affordable price models

We believe your digital management system should cost no more than a cappuccino per employee per month.

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Global harmony

Work in more than 20 languages and harmonize processes and documents globally across multiple process landscapes.

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All from one source! Designed, developed and supported in Germany - since 2001

Web-based software

Choose the stylish and highly available solution. Thanks to 100% web-based and responsive design, N5 solutions look good everywhere. On any device, in any browser and in more than 20 languages.

Developed in Stuttgart, Germany - operated at your site or in our PDCA-360 cloud.


Process-oriented method

Learn what "turtles", the "Highlander" and the "Swabian sweeper week" have to do with process-oriented management systems.

Discover how processes, documents, organizational units, people, functions, audits, measures and much more are connected. Experience the N5-Solutions with the 5-fold depth effect for more

system, method, perspective, activity and acceptance.

Integrated management system

Arm yourself against the flood of requirements and benefit from the experience of our QM-Unity.

QM, UM, AS, GoB, IS and and and - with the N5-Solutions you can harmonize everything in no time.
Whether large or small. Whether local or global.

We are convinced that we have the right solution for you. Also in terms of price. Give it a try!